Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Girl Can Dream: Jan 11

Outfit 009

sweater by Zero + Maria Cornejo, top by Proenza Schouler, blazer by Wackerhaus, shorts by Tsumori Chisato, socks by DSquared, boots by Guess, hat by Topshop, gloves by Roxy.

It was pretty cold out today, and although I'm home now and wearing a woolen sweater, I still don't feel quite toasty enough. By living in Canada my entire life, I've learned that layering is the best way to keep warm. It's not unusual for me to wear four tops, thermals under my jeans, several pairs of tights or ski socks in my boots. I've been wearing Kodiak socks for about a week straight, they are saintly. I love cold weather, because it lends itself wonderfully to layering clothes, which is by far my favourite look. (This look would also work well with a pair of tights or two under those socks)

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